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Last Updated: August 30, 2016
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West Shore Road Reconstruction

• Loriann Cody

Now that funding has been allocated for Phase III of the ‘post-Sandy’ West Shore Road reconstruction, Nassau County has yet to release the schedule for road repairs and closure though. Additionally, the County is investigating the Bayville Bridge, which requires some repairs. Local officials are begging the question of which should be fixed first? West Shore Road (WSR) or Bayville Bridge.

Nassau County Legislator Don MacKenzie joined Bayville Mayor Paul Rupp, Village Administrator Maria Alfano Hardy and Trustees Russo, Charon, Nigro and Taylor on a conference call with Nassau County officials including the Commissioner of the Department of Public Works, Chief Deputy County Executive and County Engineers to discuss their ongoing concern regarding the condition and operation of the Bayville Bridge.

The goal was to obtain accurate information regarding its condition, repairs made and future plans for its long term functioning. In the near term the elected officials are working with the County on signs to notify motorists and residents of a bridge opening and a phone notification system for quicker responses to problems. There will be follow up meetings on these issues and the additional capital improvements planned. Local residents will be informed as progress occurs. Also discussed were the repairs to the bridge made following Super Storm Sandy, current processes in place for the bridges’ maintenance and planned future repairs and upgrades.
County engineers covered the interplay between the Bridge repairs and West Shore Road reconstruction. However as a public safety matter the capital repairs to the bridge must wait for the completion of the third phase of the WSR rebuild. WSR is in danger of collapse and must be repaired first. The bridge repairs will follow.

The experts explained that repairs to both cannot take place at the same time because it would leave the residents of Mill Neck Estates trapped without egress north or south. As such the capital repairs to the bridge will come subsequent to the road repairs not simultaneously.

While the County has plans to commence with the WSR repair first, perhaps they should reconsider. The bridge was stuck in the open position as recently as June 26th for close to seven hours. Should a glitch occur while WSR is closed how do those residents of Mill Neck Estates have egress? A look back over the past 6 years or so has the bridge malfunctioning approximately half a dozen times.

Bayville Trustee Tim Charon agrees, and did mention that to County officials. He noted that should an emergency happen to a Mill Neck Estates resident while WSR is closed and the bridge is malfunctioning they would be stuck. Fixing the bridge first would prevent an issue.

Moody's Raises GC Rating

Moody’s Investors Service released its latest fiscal evaluation of Glen Cove and upgraded the City’s outlook from “stable” to “positive.” Moody’s is a provider of credit ratings, research, and risk analysis. The company gave the City a Baa3 rating and commented on the City’s financial strengths.

The “positive” outlook is in response to the changes expected to be made to the fund balance following the sale of the City’s waterfront. Through this purchase, the City says it expects to have non-negative operating fund balance for the first time since the issuance of its deficit financing bonds.
Mayor Reggie Spinello said: “My administration has worked diligently to improve the City’s financial strength through exercising rigorous standards, pinpointing new revenue streams and executing cost savings programs. I am very pleased that Moody’s analysts recognized our improvements, best practices and our commitment to stimulate new economic growth. We are also continuing to tackle long-standing budget issues like the long-term debt that has accumulated on the City’s books for more than 20 years and
focusing on reducing our fund balance deficit by using the new revenues generated by the waterfront project.”

The City says its waterfront development would add 56 acres of formerly blighted property back to the tax rolls. Many residents are actively protesting this waterfront property and more than one lawsuit has been filed against it.

The City says the following credit strengths were highlighted by Moody’s:
•Improved budgeting practices in 2015 which led to a General fund surplus of almost $1 million.
•Projected elimination of deficit fund balance position across operating funds at the end of fiscal 2016.
•Waterfront development expected to provide increase to tax base and economic activity.
•Large and diverse tax base.