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Last Updated: July 17, 2018
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Honored for Saving a Life

 Photo: TOB

This year’s fourth of July was like no other for Locust Valley resident Anna Zapantis. If not for the quick thinking and well-trained actions of the lifeguards at Stehli’s Beach, Zapantis might not be here at all.
Here’s how the emergency unfolded: Lifeguards first observed Zapantis in the water swimming. Then it appeared that she stopped moving. The lifeguards sprang into action. The emergency whistle was blown and all six lifeguards worked in tandem to pull the woman from the water. At that point, Zapanttis was unresponsive, and emergency life-saving techniques were started. Minutes later, when the ambulance arrived, Zapantis had been successfully resuscitated. It was an event that will not be forgotten.
On Wednesday, July 11th, the Town of Oyster Bay reunited Zapantis with the six lifeguards who were formally recognized by the Town for their bravery.

Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino and Councilmembers Louis Imbroto and Michele Johnson presented citations to each of the lifeguards.

“On Independence Day, our lifeguards observed a woman in the water who had apparently gone into distress,” Supervisor Saladino explained. “The heroic lifeguard crew took immediate action, and were able to successfully reverse a very scary situation. We commend them for their lifesaving efforts.”

“This is a scenario which lifeguards prepare for, but hope to never face,” Councilwoman Johnson added. “The heroic actions by these fine individuals took a potentially tragic event and turned it into a merry ending.”

Tom Winslow, Lifeguard Captain, was proud of how the team reacted under pressure, “These kids are well-trained, well-motivated and professional. They are some of the best kids we’ve ever had. A really fine group.”

PSC Asks for Court Order
Against American Water

On Thursday, July 12th, the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) went to court to get an order which would direct the private utility, New York American Water (NYAW,) to follow all of its regulations, including providing accurate information during rate-hike proceedings. NYAW has recently come under scrutiny by public officials for failing to notify the state regulators of errors in its tax calculations.

This move by the PSC, which regulates the state’s utilities, called for court intervention to aid in restoring consumer confidence after a previous report revealed that the water company’s employees deceived state regulators in 2016 when the company requested water rate hikes. The PSC had granted those rate hikes.
The report said company employees were aware of errors in tax calculations that started in 2013, but did not disclose those errors to regulators at the time the company was seeking approval for rate hikes. According to state officials, those errors led to customers in the Sea Cliff water district being overcharged.
In the April report, the state found that New York American Water, overpaid its property taxes in the Sea Cliff water district by $2.3 million, which led to customers to be overcharged. Pending state approval those customers will receive a $65 credit. After state regulators had approved the company’s request to hike rates at the end of 2017, NYAW admitted the errors to the Department of Public Service, (part of the PSC.)

Assembyman Michael Montesano, said in a press release, “While the problems with New York American Water (NYAW) have been obvious for a while, the recent release of the Public Service Commission’s report on the company makes it evident there is more to the issue than just the outrageous rates. It has now been brought to light that NYAW has made incorrect and misleading filings to the Office of Real Property Tax Services. NYAW has also withheld information from the Public Service Commission during its rate proceedings and given deceptive statements during the hearings. This, on top of the sky-high rates which residents are forced to pay because there is no alternative water provider in many areas, is completely unacceptable. I am calling upon both the Nassau County District Attorney and New York’s Attorney General to launch a criminal investigation and convene a special grand jury to ensure this company, and the responsible employees, are held accountable for these actions as a whole. The termination of these few employees is not sufficient in relation to the gravity of the misconduct committed. It is time we take this beast head-on.”

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