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Last Updated: July 26, 2016
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A Low-Key Village of Bayville Meeting

•Loriann Cody

The Incorporated Village of Bayville regular meeting on Monday, July 25, was well attended; all seats were filled with a few residents standing along the back wall. It was a quiet meeting, as compared to some previous regular meetings, with just a few fireworks saved for the last few minutes.
Mayor Paul Rupp quickly went through the agenda line items, commending the 5 West Harbor Beach lifeguards who were called into action last week. Noting that the quantity of lifeguards is mandated by the county, Mayor Rupp praised the teenagers, who performed CPR on a woman for as long as 30 minutes, until EMT’s arrived. Commenting that he was at Glen Cove Hospital when the woman was brought in, he thanked the lifeguards for their work prolonging the woman’s life (she later passed away at the hospital.)

The Mayor updated residents on the opening of ACE Hardware in the Food Basket shopping center. The opening was delayed due to an issue noted by the Fire Marshall, but is expected to open within the month.

Assemblyman Charles Lavine met with the Mayor and Trustee Rupp after an event that they attended, and asked for a wish list of projects. There is the possibility of the Assemblyman obtaining grants for as much as $125,000 in the near future. There were 8 projects on the wish list, including three projects for West Harbor Beach.

Trustee John Taylor, head of the Environmental Committee, is planning a cesspool to septic tank survey, possibly going door to door. He’s currently looking for volunteers to help with that. Other villages, such as Sea Cliff, have asked their residents to voluntarily upgrade their cesspool system to a septic tank system, noting the positive environmental impact. It can be a costly upgrade (as much as $40,000 depending on the residence), but the environmental benefit is essential. Trustee Taylor noted that Friends of the Bay conducts periodic water testing throughout the Cold Spring Harbor, Oyster Bay Harbor, West Harbor and Mill Creek areas, and that the two ‘hot spots’ with repeatedly high bacteria counts are Mill Creek at the end of the Presidents Streets in Bayville, and in Laurel Hollow, where Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories is located.

Trustee Taylor also spoke about Governor Cuomo’s plan for a Bayville/Rye Bridge. He is a member of a group which includes other local environmental entities as well as local politicians. This group is taking a proactive approach to the bridge feasibility study, coordinating with counterparts in Albany sooner rather than later, making sure that the bridge does not happen. He has been in touch with most local politicians about the bi-partisan effort, mentioning congressional candidate Tom Suozzi and Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino (who is also opposed to the bridge).

While the bay and wetlands have been declared a wildlife sanctuary, named the “Oyster Bay National Wildlife Refuge” under the auspices of the US Fish and Wildlife Service) that designation has not actually been legally tested. Trustee Taylor noted that is authorizing the bridge feasability study, perhaps Governor Cuomo felt confident enough to be the first to challenge that designation in court.
Michele Principe, one of the new trustees and head of the Recreation committee, spoke about the summer concerts held at West Harbor Beach. They are well attended, the concert last Friday night attracting 170 people. Parents asked her to look into the possibility of adding kids games and concessions, and she was pleased that 6 people volunteered to help with the committee.

One resident asked about illegal apartments, noting the defunk Foot Spa. Mayor Rupp has asked the three new trustees to work with Len Baron (Building Department) to ‘go after’ illegal housing and abandoned homes. He mentioned the recently hired complaint investigator (on the job three weeks).
The mayor gave an update on the Steve’s Pier property, noting that revised plans for a 23-room bed and breakfast, with a reservation desk, restaurant seating for 127 people, pool, coffee shop and gym just came in for review. The plans include fixing the parking lot across the street and a gazebo. Nothing was said about the property being for sale with approval for a 30-unit hotel on the site.

The third-phase of West Shore Road construction will most likely be delayed because the county legislature has yet to vote on bonding for the project, though it has been awarded to a subcontractor.
Only one resident mentioned the lawsuit brought against the Village by the civic group, Save Bayville Now, Inc. Mayor Rupp described Save Bayville Now as a group of residents in the community who are opposed to the zoning laws.

The fireworks happened when Trustee Principe spoke about a reported July fourth bonfire in which one trustee was present for the building of it (stacking the wood skids), and the police were called in. Bonfires are not legal on the beach, either above or below the high tide line. She hoped that next year the holiday would be bonfire-free.

Funding for Dosoris Pond Tidal Gates

Sediment has built up in Dosoris Pond causing the water to become stagnant which increases higher levels of nitrogen endangering wildlife and leading to algae blooms. The tidal gates are partially open due to the buildup of sand and sediment limiting the flow of water moving in and out between the pond and Long Island Sound.

A resolution authorizing the City of Glen Cove to apply for funding through the Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) for the engineering and design report for the remediation of the East Island Bridge tidal gates, proposed by Mayor Spinello was passed July 19th at the Glen Cove City Council meeting.
Myralee Machol, the Executive Director of the Glen Cove Community Development Agency told the City Council members that the gates need to be repaired or replaced. The city is requesting $525,000 for the study and construction plans. A state grant would request that the city pay for a portion of the money. The council will vote on the proposal at the next meeting.

The July 26th council meeting was held at Glen Cove’s North Shore Historical Museum. To honor the heritage of Glen Cove and the Gold Coast of Long Island, Mayor Spinello hosted the meeting at the museum. The museum is located in the storied 1907 Justices Courthouse located at 140 Glen St. Before the start of the 7:30pm City Council meeting; the museum offered a free tour to all city residents. “During our summer City Council sessions, we enjoy hosting meetings at a variety of Glen Cove’s culture and community destinations,” said Mayor Spinello. “With Glen Cove’s 350th Anniversary coming up in 2018, now is the perfect time to start building the momentum for the celebration by inviting residents to get acquainted with our City’s rich history at the North Shore Historical Museum.”