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Last Updated: September 27, 2016
 The following articles - and more - can be found in our print edition: 

GC-NYC Ferry to Commence in 2017

  Photo: Tab Hauser

Construction on the $14.6 million dock, boat basin and the $4.3 million terminal is complete. However, the City of Glen Cove has postponed the opening of the commuter ferry service that is scheduled to go from Glen Cove to New York City. Several companies interested in supplying the ferry service attended an informational meeting in July, but no company submitted a proposal in time to meet the September 9th deadline. The service will be postponed for 12 months to allow for the accelerated construction schedule of the nearby Garvies Point Project, and to allow the companies interested in running the ferry service time in which to submit proposals.

A time frame for when the ferry service will take place is underway, Deputy Mayor Barbara Peebles said. The City first needs to wait for road access and parking matters to be resolved so ferry operators have more time for expansion planning. In the meantime, the City will explore options for the productive use of the Ferry Terminal building.

Coming Soon! GBBGC Clothing Sale

In 1966, Grenville Baker Boys & Girls Club’s Annual Clothing Sale was born at the home of Mrs. Eric “Tee” Ridderon Feeks Lane in Locust Valley. In those early days, Mrs. Ridder and her committee asked their friends for donations of “nearly new clothes.”By its second year, the Sale was netting more than $12,000. Today it has become one of the Club’s most successful fundraisers, second only to the Annual June Dinner Dance.

Over its fifty years, the Clothing Sale has become a beloved institution in Locust Valley, with hundreds of customers looking forward each year to shopping for quality clothing at bargain prices while supporting a wonderful cause. The Sale serves as an annual event for many shoppers, with mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, sisters and friends, enjoying the day together. This year will be no exception. Although the dates for the Sale changed last year from the spring to the fall, the Sale has stayed true to its tradition of combining a festive atmosphere with serious bargains.
Beginning Monday, September 12th, donors will begin bringing their gently used clothing and home goods to the Club. Once the collection period begins, Club volunteers will work diligently unpacking, sorting, pricing, hanging, and displaying thousands of items. Somehow, the team of volunteers will take piles and piles of clothes and boxes and boxes of merchandise and work their magic, turning the gym into a well-ordered fashion boutique by the time the Sale begins on October 13th.

For more than forty years, Sandra Watkins chaired the Sale with the help of her sister Carla Weitzmann, building up a loyal corps of fifty volunteers. Many of our volunteers’ own children and grandchildren participated in the Club’s programs, playing on the athletic fields or in one of the gymnasiums. Some volunteers were Club members themselves and still cherish their childhood memories of those happy days. Recently, Eileen Duffy has taken over the task, putting in countless hours working to improve the experience for both the donors and the shoppers.

“I love the Clothing Sale,” said Club Board Member and longtime donor, Kim Bancroft. “I look forward to receiving that gentle reminder to clean out my closet and to donate the clothing I am not using. I am happy knowing that my donation is put to good use for our Club and the kids it serves.” Please consider joining us at the Sale or even giving some time to volunteer at this fun event. Join our team and make a difference in the life of our children.

Volunteers in their hats!