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Syosset Top NY Team at Cornell Science Olympiad

By Priya Persaud

The Syosset High School Science Olympiad team placed second in Cornell University’s invitational science competition, thus making them the highest-scoring New York team.

In the invitational competition, the Syosset students, led by Coach Mildred Castañeda, competed in 23 different events against 34 teams from all across the nation. These events involved various scientific fields, including biology, chemistry, engineering, and physics.

Overall, the team earned 32 medals across 15 of the events.

In preparation for the competition, the Syosset students had to pass several rounds of testing. Additionally, the students practiced building mechanical and scientific devices and different lab experiments for hours after school.

The Syosset Team Captains for 2022-23 are senior Sydney Chen, senior Ankita Gupta, senior Allison Hsu, and junior Blessed Ren.

For the remainder of the 2022-23 school year, the Syosset High School students plan to compete in several additional competitions, with the next in-person competition at Buffalo State University.


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