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Shots Fired, Two Arrested in Wild Upper Brookville Car Chase

By Niall Fitzgerald

An Oyster Bay Cove man and a Glen Head woman are under arrest after leading police through a wild stolen car chase through Upper Brookville and Muttontown this past Friday night.

Arrested are Molly Louise Dutrow of Glen Head and Randall Hutchinson of Oyster Bay Cove. Both appear to be in their early 20's.

According to police, Dutrow and Hutchinson stole a 2020 Mazda CX5 car on Friday night, and were located by police driving east along Northern Boulevard in East Norwich.

When the police tried to stop them on Pine Hollow Road, the two drove wildly to escape the police - including driving head-on into oncoming traffic.

Police officers then fired at the car, at the intersection of Pine Hollow Road and Pine Drive. Dutrow, who was driving, drove straight at police officers.

When they finally stopped, police arrested the two, and found drugs - including cocaine, heroin and fentanyl - inside the car.

The two were booked into custody, and are facing multiple serious criminal charges.


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