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Oakcliff Sailing Triple Crown Races Wrap-Up

By Priya Persaud

The second half of the 2021 Oakcliff Triple Crown Series wrapped-up last week, as eight 49er teams to competed for over $35,000 in prize grants. Taking place in Oyster Bay, the winners Nevin Snow (San Diego, CA) and Nic Muller (Ft. Pierce, FL) took first in seven of the eight races.

In the first stage of the race, held September 25th to 26th, the eight teams in the 49er’s battled a stiff 18-25 knot breeze throughout. After five of the races, the winners were clear: two brothers from Fort Lauderdale. Duncan and Christopher Williford, took first. In second place were Jonathan Kelly and Dylan Jones from Victoria, British Colombia. Scott Rasmussen from Fort Meyers, FL, and Charlie Hibben from Cape Cod, MA, won third place.

In the second stage of the race, the eight competing teams faced light conditions of 5-10 knots on October 2nd, and 5-6 knots on October 3rd. Nevin Snow and Nic Muller won first place, while Chris and Duncan Williford took second place. Charlie Hibben and Scott Rasmussen took third place.

The Triple Crown Series aims towards helping teams become established with funding and raising the overall level of Olympic sailing in the United States.

“We did a good job staying in touch with the other top boats. Rather than taking risks, we sailed conservatively. We also had great downwind speed to put us ahead,” said first place winner Snow.

“The Oakcliff Triple Crown Series is an absolutely essential stop in our North American training circuit. Thanks to the prize grants, we will be able to get the new, upgraded mast and sails that have been released for the 49er so we can stay at the top of our game,” commented second place winner Jones.

“The great thing about the American 49er squad right now is there is a group mentality to work together to get better as a whole. Being able to train at home in the U.S. is just so nice. The Triple Crown also focuses us with regattas bookending a week of quality training at Oakcliff’s full-service facilities,” added winner Christopher Williford.

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