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NHemp Dem Smears on Adhami are Fake and "Creepy"

By Maureen Daly


In what appears to be another "misfired smear campaign" by North Hempstead Democrats, their invented accusations against North Hempstead Town Councilman David Adhami (R-Great Neck) have been exposed as "fake" and a "political hit" - according to documents and interviews conducted exclusively by the Leader.


At the recent meeting of the Town Board, a well-known Democrat operative, Nina Gordon, was prompted to get-up and openly attack Adhami, claiming that Adhami "lives in Merrick" and not in his Great Neck council district. Gordon and fellow Democrats demanded that Adhami resign or the Town hire an "investigator."


Gordon claimed that she was "trolling" Adhami's wife, and found a social media posting from 2020, where Adhami's wife was looking to purchase a new house.


Adhami responded calmly that he lives "in Great Neck" with his wife and two young children, and that the stalking and trolling of his wife by Democrats was "crossing the line" into attacking his family, and "very creepy."


"I live in Great Neck," said Adhami. "I grew-up in Great Neck.  My daughter goes to school in Great Neck. My entire family lives in Great Neck. I went to high school in Great Neck. I played on the Great Neck South football, wrestling and lacrosse teams in high school."


"My mother and sister are prominent realtors in Great Neck," added Adhami. "My family lives in Great Neck. Everyone knows that."


A local pro-Democrat news editor - who coordinates with the town Democrats - then published a lengthy "Editorial" hit-piece comparing Adhami to disgraced ex-Congressman George Santos, and demanded that Adhami produce his personal tax returns to prove his residence.


The Leader has now been given exclusive access by Adhami to his personal tax returns, and this reporter can confirm that Adhami and his wife do list their Great Neck address on their tax returns. Yes, David Adhami is a Great Neck resident.


The laws in New York are clear that a person's registered voting address is their legal address.  All of Adhami's identification: Voting Registration; Drivers License; Library card  - list Adhami's home in Great Neck.


"It is pathetic that Democratic Party operatives will do anything to attack me - and my family," added Adhami. "Making-up fake charges is not 'OK.' Trolling my family members is not 'OK.' And trying to gin-up lies to try to drive me from office is not 'OK.'"


The Democrats lost control of North Hempstead in November's election, for the first time in 35 years. According to sources in Town Hall, the change in power is causing a "panic" among Democrats who are accustomed to running North Hempstead as a one-party patronage fiefdom.

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