Glen Cove Attorney Indicted in Epstein Sex Trafficking Ring

by Chris O'Neill

A Glen Cove attorney, Darren Indyke has been indicted for sex trafficking and immigration fraud as part of the web of criminal enterprises run by the now deceased, but notorious sex trafficker, spy, and blackmailer, Jeffery Epstein.

According to federal prosecutors, Indyke served as a vital link in Epstein’s criminal pedophile sex and blackmail operations.

Denise George, U.S. Attorney for the Virgin Islands, filed a 76-page criminal Indictment charging that Indyke - and his co-conspirator CPA Richard Kahn of Water Mill - “directed, approved, enabled, and justified millions of dollars in payments that fueled the Epstein Enterprise’s sex trafficking, including payments to women who were forced to have sex with Epstein and/or recruited others to be victimized.”

Indyke "organized, controlled and directed almost every aspect of the Epstein Enterprise," according to federal prosecutors. "He worked for Epstein for over 20 years and his name appears on multiple documents related to Epstein’s financial matters, including as treasurer and vice-president of Epstein’s three most prominent non-profits.”

Indyke is charged with forcing sex-trafficked girls into fake marriages for Epstein. The fake marriages were then the basis for fraudulent immigration filings done by Indyke to traffic Epstein’s sex victims to America.

Both Indyke and Kahn were named as Executors of Epstein’s $600 million estate.

Indyke had signatory power over Epstein’s accounts, according to the FBI, and he used that money to fund Epstein’s illicit activities, including cash payment for ‘massages’ and payments of over $2.5 million to women with Eastern European sounding names for hotel expenses, tuition, rent and to pay an immigration lawyer to arrange fictitious marriages. Ninety-seven cash withdrawals of $1,000 each were taken from an Epstein account via an ATM just a block from Indyke’s Lexington Ave office in Manhattan between June 2018 and February 2019.

Indyke is a 1982 graduate of Glen Cove High School. He later graduated from Cornell Law School.

Epstein was first arrested in 2006, after the Palm Beach, Florida police uncovered a massive pedophile sex operation being run by Epstein. Investigators found cameras and microphones embedded in the walls of Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion, and numerous witnesses described a vast “blackmail” operation targeting wealthy and powerful American business and political leaders.

Epstein later plead guilty to only a single charge in state court, as part of a federal-state plea agreement. He was granted federal immunity – something unheard of – and secured additional federal immunity for his alleged “co-conspirators."

Epstein was re-arrested in 2018, and shortly thereafter “committed suicide” in his high security federal prison cell.

Epstein maintained a string of “pedophile entertainment palaces” to cultivate American leaders, including a $70 million mansion in Manhattan; a huge ranch in New Mexico; an island in the US Virgin Islands dubbed “Pedophile Island;” a luxury flat in Paris; and the Palm Beach mansion. In addition, Epstein had a 727 jet, now called the “Lolita Express” to fly underage girls and powerful American and foreign leaders – including Bill Clinton, Britain’s Prince Andrew, Google’s Sergey Brin, and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.

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