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Glen Cove Appoints Two New Principals

By Mark Demetropoulos

The Glen Cove School District appointed two new Principals for the upcoming school year - Erin Nastri and Randy Arnold.

Nastri will be the new Principal for Deasy Elementary School, where she will succeed Melanie Arfman, who recently retired.

Nastri is enthusiastic to assume the role as Principal, and planned to visit the school early this month, to get acquainted with the faculty and school administrators.

“All children should have access to a safe, secure and enriching learning environment,” stated Nastri. “In keeping with this philosophy, I have piloted initiatives which seek to promote self-regulatory strategies for students, including a sensory hallway, therapy dogs visiting classrooms through Paws for Positivity, and a new bus program.”

Nastri has had a career as an educator spanning over 20 years. She worked first as an elementary school teacher; as an Assistant Principal for Great Neck School district; and as Assistant Principal for Three Village School District.

Randy Arnold will become the new Principal of Gribbin Elementary School. She takes over from Francince Santoro, who retired at the end of June.

Arnold has also had a career of over 20 years, where she promoted children’s literacy and STEM-based initiatives.

Maria Rianna, the Glen Cove School Superintendent, praised Arnold.

"We are confident that her exceptional skills, dedication, and experience will greatly benefit our students,” stated Rianna. “Together, we will work towards providing the highest quality education to ensure the success of our children."

Arnold earned her Certificate of Advanced Studies in Education from Long Island University / C.W. Post Campus; her Master of Science in Elementary Education from Queens College CUNY, and her Bachelor of Arts from Molloy University.

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