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Esteban Opponent Disqualified and "Off the Ballot"

By Niall Fitzgerald

Suffolk Legislator Manny Esteban (R-Dix Hills) will face no opponent this November, as the Democrat opposing him, Sidney Joyner of South Huntington, was disqualified for not living in the legislative district.

Joyner knew he lived outside the district, and states that he was "planning" to buy a house in the district before Election Day.

But Supreme Court Justice Thomas Whelen ruled that it is "undisputed" that Joyner does not live in the district, and that the County Charter requires "one year's prior residency in the district" in order to be qualified to run there.

"There is no doubt that Sidney Joyner could not be a candidate," wrote Justice Whelen in a seven-page Order. "Sidney Joyner is violating the very Suffolk County Charter that, if elected, his first act would be to swear to uphold."

Esteban was represented by attorney Steven Losquadro, who stated that "the residents of of the 16th legislative district deserve a representative who lives in the community and is deeply familiar with it."

"Legislators must live in and actively be a part of the community they wish to represent," added Esteban. "I look forward to continuing to work every day to improve the quality of life of my fellow residents."

Joyner states that he plans to appeal. However the election is now only 55 days away, and ballots are already being printed for early voting.


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