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Drug Dealing “Doc” Needs to Go

To the Editor

It is time for Legislator “Doc” Spencer to resign. Spencer owes it to his constituents to resign and allow them to elect someone who is not a drug dealing criminal.

The criminal charges against Spencer are very serious. Dealing drugs to prostitutes for sex. Exploiting drug addicted women for sex by pushing on them more opioids. What a monster.

I don't care if the Democrats "need" his vote for their majority. Spencer has shown horrible judgment and lack of character. He has betrayed his Church, his family, his medical oath and of course his oath of office.

The voters deserve so much better than a dirty physician who frequents prostitutes and plies them with addictive drugs. What example are we setting for our children by allowing this drug dealing “Doc” to hold office for even one more day?

Nellie Kelly

Cold Spring Harbor

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